First Lady & Family

Introducing Our First Lady… Lady Michelle Hedgemon

Lady Michelle Hedgemon was born in Macon, Georgia on March 24th, She spent most of her childhood in Hattiesburg, MS, where she was spiritually raised in Hattiesburg Church of God In Christ under the tutelage of Elder Bobby & First Lady Ola Carpenter.

Lady Hedgemon has always had a heart for serving others and knew that an education and career in the health care profession would allow her to continue her passion. For over a decade she has served as a licensed caregiver and nurse, having attained her certification as a Licensed Practical Nurse from Pearl River Community College in 2001 and later receiving her licensure as a Registered Nurse from Meridian Community College in May 2007.

Lady Hedgemon, due to the diligent nurturing of her parents; Kenny and Mary Floyd, has a heart for family. She met and married LaBaron Hedgemon, the love of her life on March 24, 2002. God has blessed them with three beautiful children: daughters, Alaysia Tionna and Alasyn BaLeigh and one son LaBaron Hedgemon II.

Lady Hedgemon has a heart for serving her church family and women of the community. Specifically, her heart is to minister to young ladies and women in need of restoration and direction to the path of becoming the preeminent woman, mother, sister or friend that God desires them to become. As First Lady of Freedom Rock Christian Fellowship she serves as leader of Women of The Word Ministry, an organization for women at Freedom Rock Christian Fellowship Church that strives to provide virtuous women with a living example of how they can accomplish their dreams through the ministry of the ministry’s theme: “Birthing, Bonding, and Building”. Lady Hedgemon is also founder of the Little Ladies Seminar, a summer enrichment program for little girls sponsored in conjunction with LaBaron Hedgemon Ministries, Inc. and is also an active board member of Center of Pregnancy Choices, where she has served since 2011. She also is currently Vice-President of 24/7 Developments, LLC, a for-profit real estate business founded by she and Pastor Hedgemon in 2009 and aptly named after the day of their births!

The First Family

Alaysia Tionna is the eldest of the Hedgemon children who has demonstrated the ability to successfully manage a perfect balance between academics and athletics. She attends Northeast Lauderdale Jr. High where she is a High Honors student and, just like both of her parents, is an avid sports enthusiast. In basketball, she is a dominating starting power forward (Pastor Hedgemon and First Lady were both basketball starters throughout high school, so she got her basketball talent honest-VERY honest!) In fast pitch softball she is an up and coming infielder and power hitter. In track and field, she has positioned herself as one of the best shot-put and discus throwers in the region. In her own words she has stated that when (not if) she goes to college she wants scholastic or academic options that will allow her to attend for free!

Alasyn BaLeigh is the middle child of the Hedgemon children. She is affectionately called Baleigh but most members of Freedom Rock refer to her as the “real boss” of the Hedgemon household. She is outspoken, driven, brilliant, has a smile that would light up the darkest night, and knows no stranger. She loves to dance and sing and just like the typical 4-year old girl, she is a classic Daddy’s girl, through and through!

At just 18 months, LaBaron II, or as the church family calls him, BJ, has mastered using his Dad’s I-pad and loves the microphone! Despite his age and size, he has a serious demeanor, knows exactly what he wants, and will not be intimated by his big sisters in ensuring that he gets it! When BJ comes onto the scene it is business as usual!