Passport To Manhood

The Passport to Manhood Initiative is a 14-month enrichment program sponsored by the Men of Action Ministry in cooperation with the East Mississippi Boys and Girls Club that holistically promotes and teaches professional integrity and social responsibility to males ages 10-18. Each month the program facilitates sessions that concentrate on specific aspects of character and manhood through highly interactive and innovative activities focused on various topics ranging from, but not limited to:

  • Values in Personal Decision Making where participants learn about the notion of guiding values, and considering how values can be applied to personal decision making and conduct in specific life situations;
  • Responses to Authority where participants learn about authority and how to develop personal strategies both for responding to outside authority and for gaining personal authority.
  • Relationships with Girls where participants will become aware of the stereotypes that our culture perpetuates about women, and they will consider how to relate to girls with respect as equals.
  • Personal Leadership and Community Responsibility where Participants will consider traits of leaders how to recognize, develop, and maintain positive leadership skills and attributes, and;
  • Fatherhood and the Family where participants develop attitudes about what it means to be a responsible father, what roles a father plays in a healthy family, and the importance of marriage as a prerequisite for fatherhood.

The program includes a service project where the participants learn the importance of giving back to their community and reinforces character, leadership, and positive behavior. The program culminates with a graduation ceremony that distinguishes their achievements in completing the program.