Our Vision

"A People and Place That Links Freedom With Destiny!"

Who are we?
We are a community driven church with a genuine, intimate love for God and each other which is demonstrated through the “Spirit of Family.” Freedom Rock Christian Fellowship Church is a progressive, innovative, technologically advanced, business savvy, love rooted, soul-winning SPIRITUAL CORPORATION that breathes empowerment in Word, Spirit, and Service!

Our Vision:

To develop representatives of God’s kingdom.

We will fulfill this vision through creative initiatives that promote:

  • Financial Literacy & Independence
  • Discovery of Purpose
  • Professional Leadership
  • Character & Career Development
  • Family Honor
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Thus, destroying mentalities yoked by sin, disparity, poverty, ignorance, and insecurity.

Our Mission:

  • To ESTABLISH independent, prosperous individuals and families who live in the fear of the Lord, trained to implement the Wisdom and Word of God in all aspects of life.
  • To EMPOWER the community through partnerships in a coordinated effort.
  • To EXPAND the kingdom while impacting nations though international missions.
  • To ENLIGHTEN believers through the teaching and preaching of the Word.
  • To EVANGELIZE all mankind to salvation and righteous living.

Our Purpose:

To EXEMPLIFY “the church” both as a place and people that is genuine, unified, progressive and loving. Moreover, redeeming our Perception (image), Purpose (intent), and Power (influence) before all mankind as an established force (build upon the Rock) in which no opposition can prevail against.

To successfully impact lives through anointed word and ministry resulting in complete healing, deliverance, recovery and prosperity. Thus, becoming A People and Place that links Freedom with Destiny. Therefore, extending our impact beyond church into corporate settings, as a leading entity in industry, investment, and employment for our community and surrounding areas.